I need your help!


Readers make a book successful

The grim reality is that books published in the current environment sell on average only a few hundred copies.  It doesn't matter how good they are.  Authors depend upon supportive readers to help their books gain the readership they deserve.  I need your help if Walker's Key is going to connect with a larger audience.  If you enjoyed reading Walker's Key, here are a few things you can do to help.

Please post a review on Amazon

You do not need to have purchased the book through Amazon to post a review there, but you do need to have made some purchases from Amazon.  Your review need not be a work of art itself, not does it need to be long.  Just tell others what made the book an enjoyable experience for you.  The more favorable reviews of the book on Amazon, the more readers will be attracted.

Please tell your friends

Most readers depend upon their friends for suggestions on what to read.  If you enjoyed reading Walker's Key, please let your friends know!

Opinion Leaders are the real ticket

Do you have a close connection with a journalist,  a well-known author, or some other celebrity who might be willing to review Walker's Key?  Is Oprah Winfrey or Reese Witherspoon your cousin's next door neighbor?  If you are able to connect with any person of influence who might be willing to read and review Walker's Key, please let me know!

Other ideas?

Writing a novel is a lot of work and a lot of fun.  Now it's time for me to market it to the world.  If you have any ideas of any sort which you are willing to share with me, please do!!!

Thank you!

Thank you for reading Walker's Key, and for considering how you might help me secure the readership which Walker's Key deserves.